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Sylvan Ramble Lights is a computerized light show in South Tampa (Florida) during Halloween and Christmas. We are open for the second half of October and the entire month of December. We started four years ago and have grown exponentially since! We now have over 15,000 lights, fountains, smoke effects, and moving props! One of the most important additions over the years is our donation drive. Each year, we collect monetary donations for a local non-profit. Together, we have raised thousands for local charities such as: Clothes To Kids, The Florida Children's Home, and Kids and Canines. This year we are fundraising for Clothes To Kids! Trust us when we say, you won't want to miss our show! Drive on over, and experience Sylvan Ramble Lights for yourself this holiday season!
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  • How long are the shows?
    About 15-20 minutes!
  • Are the shows family friendly?
    Yes! All of our shows are suitible for any age.
  • What is the 2019 charity?
    Clothes To Kids!
  • More FAQs Coming Soon!
    Really Really Soon....

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